Let’s Talk about Egypt Supplier

Welcome to Egypt Supplier, the pioneer and the sole online store for delivering the finest Egyptian fresh fruits and vegetables to homes across the globe. Our mission is to make it effortless for anyone to access and enjoy the highest quality produce directly from the farms of Egypt.

A Distinctive Offering

Established in 2014, EGYPT SUPPLIER takes pride in being the first and only online platform dedicated to supplying Egyptian fresh fruits and vegetables worldwide. What sets us apart is our unique ability to cater to customers from every corner of the world without imposing a minimum order quantity. Our seamless delivery service ensures that you can experience the extraordinary flavors of Egypt no matter where you are.

Unmatched Quality

Founder Ahmed Hafez’s dedication to offering only premium quality products drives everything we do. We source our fruits and vegetables exclusively from the farms, ensuring that our customers receive nothing but the freshest produce every day. With EGYPT SUPPLIER, you can trust that each item carries the essence and excellence of Egyptian agriculture.

Global Reach

As we continue to expand, EGYPT SUPPLIER has established branches in various countries, including Kuwait, Maldives Island, and Russia, with plans to cover even more locations soon. This allows us to connect with a global audience and bring the bounty of Egypt to doorsteps worldwide.

Vision for Convenience

We want our audience to experience the convenience and excitement of ordering fresh fruits and vegetables directly from Egypt. At EGYPT SUPPLIER, we have made it our purpose to make this process not only simple but also a celebration of the rich flavors and produce of our homeland.

Join us on this remarkable journey, and let EGYPT SUPPLIER bring the best of Egyptian agriculture to your home.

Experience the essence of Egypt, delivered to your door..

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